Research Paper On Genetically Modified Foods

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Science Assignment
Due date: 26th February 2018
By: Erick Mengel Valdez Baca
Claim: Genetic modification of crops has improved the food industry Rationale:
Genetically modifying crops was created to improve their germplasm for the best possible crops. One of the most heavily modified crop is the soybean, since 1996 they have been changed to create larger yield for famers and higher resistance to insects, drought, etc. GMO Soybeans has improved the food industry because of the higher yield productions.
Research Question:
How does genetically altering soybeans affect the yield?
Background information:
Throughout the last 22 years genetically modified food has been on the increase in popularity. The economic and environmental positives
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GM food has boosted many countries agricultural aspect, increasing their economic value. It has improved the food industry creating more yield, employment and improved quality of the produce.
Literature Review
During my conduction of research, I have sourced many websites of a high standard including the United States Department of Agriculture as well as PG Economics Limited. However, I also used less reliable sources such as, Monsanto which seemed to be biased towards GMO as they hire farmers with GMO produce. Generally, my information was similar from all sources which lead me to believe they are providing correct information.
My research question could have been able to be answered more definitively with multiple controlled studies about GMO soybeans yield production. The question could have been extended to determine if GMO yield benefits in soybeans transcended into other GMO crops such as corn. Another way to extend the question would be to see how different countries with society statuses and planting techniques affect the average results in other
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