Essay about Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmos )

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Every day young adults across the nation consume food purchased by their parents, lunches prepared by their school cafeterias, and meals from their favorite restaurants, and are unconcerned and unaware of the ingredients contained in food products, and furthermore do not partake in choosing what they consume. Unfortunately, teenagers are consuming Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) almost constantly, whether they realize it or not. GMOs first commercialized in 1994, are genetically engineered through a process which consists of inserting foreign DNA from bacteria, viruses, animals, and humans into their primary species, resulting in various unintentional health consequences (GMO Awareness). The plethora of unknown results stemming from this genetic modification process, raise the important question of whether GMOs are safe for humans. Without further action, the human population will remain endangered due to the negative health effects of the genetic modification process, and young adults will continue to be most susceptible to these threats because of their unfinished development. Adolescents must make it a priority to remain conscious, exercise direct control over the foods they are consuming, take action to educate others, and most importantly avoid consuming GMOs in order to prevent increased risks for developing diabetes, allergies, autism, cancer, and digestive problems, along with many other life-threatening issues.
The safety of genetically modified products…

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