Genetically Modified Organism Everyday Usage Essay

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Genetically Modified Organism Everyday Usage What is your stance on genetically engineering organisms to contain better genes within agriculture? Over the past decades gene engineering has been a huge topic of discussion between the public. Questions have erupted on whether the benefits from GMOs (genetically modified organism) outway the problems and on whether it is morally right to modify creatures for humans satisfaction. With a little education one will find that gene manipulation should be used in agriculture to ensure that farmers can produce the best crops and livestock to feed the future due to the fact that GMOs create disease-resistant crops, increase the productivity of crops and livestock, and lastly enhance the overall food quality while being environmentally beneficial (Ormandy, Elisabeth H., Julie Dale, and Gilly Griffin). New technology has allowed scientist to cut out disease-resistant genes from other organism’s DNA using restriction enzymes, and placed into a particular crop’s DNA resulting in that crop to present that disease-resistant trait (Davidson, Sarah Nell). By replacing bad genes with disease-resistant genes farmers can control the possibility of their crops and livestock being contaminated and dying of diseases. For example, a new GM tomato has been engineered to produce a natural pesticide that is resistant to beetles. Recently the FDA has come out and discussed that they will be increasing their involvement in the usage of GMOs by using more…

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