Genetically Modified Foods Persuasive Essay

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When eating, many people question what is in the food they’re consuming and how it is produced. It has become a lifestyle in this day and age to eat organic in order to avoid eating food produced with chemicals or unnecessary additives. One of these unnecessary additives in foods are GMOs. Genetically modified organisms are any organisms whose genetic material has been altered by chemical engineering. Those who work with genetically modified food state that GMOs are present in some foods because they can add nutritional value, reduce selling price, and supposedly reduce the use of herbicides and pesticides, yet is this even true? This benefit that is claimed to accompany GMOs in food is not only shaky, yet there are many negative impacts of this change on the environment, and these negative impacts are severe. Genetically modified organisms have a negative impact on the environment, and there are a few that have the greatest severity.

The first result of genetic engineering of organisms is that cross-pollination is occurring between the genetically modified crops and natural crops. This cross contamination is negative because the genetically modified crops are beginning to intermingle with the natural grown crops, and this will eventually lead to all crops becoming
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Not only should we be concerned with what is entering our bodies, but we should know if how our food is being made is hurting the environment. Proven by a plethora of studies, genetically modified organisms have a negative impact on the government for they increase the use of herbicides and pesticides, are the source of cross-pollination disasters, and they are causing the extinguishing of bees, birds, and butterflies. We cannot let this damage to our environment continue or worsen. We must take a stand against the genetic modification of our crops, or soon enough all of our food will be tainted and the environment will begin to severely

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