Genetically Modified Crops And Its Effects On The Environment

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Although genetically modified crops have proven to be successful, many people show opposition towards them. The biggest concerns regarding these genetically modified crops include the affect they have on human health and their effect on the environment (Newton 88). In 2012, the Grocery Manufactures Association estimated more than seventy-five percent of processed foods contain genetically modified organism. Because of the unknown effects of the increasing use of GMOs in food and the customers’ complaints, many companies, including Ben & Jerry’s, Whole Foods, and Chipolte have decided to mandate labels of GMOs on their products. Ben & Jerry’s said that their company will end the use of GMOs in their ice cream by 2015. In order to please their customers, many of which are against the use of GMOs, Whole Foods has made a policy requiring labeling on every product that contains GMOs. Chipolte now posts on their website the use of GMOs in their food in order to make customers aware of what their food contains (Helme). Because of this scare, many companies have responded to their customers by providing them with information about their ingredients in their food. In the United States, the issue of labeling genetically modified food has become a topic for debate. In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined genetically modified food would not require a FDA label because they are ‘substantially equivalent’ to non-modified foods. Michael Hanson for the Consumers…

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