Genetically Foods And The Food Industry Essay

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I woke up this morning and thought “I’m hungry”. I headed downstairs and looked in the cabinet for something to eat. Not finding anything I wanted, I turned to the freezer and grabbed toaster strudel. Sounds good, right? It tasted good too. Processed foods have become commonplace in our diets today, and may be contributing to our shortened life spans and declining health, so I started looking at the label. Only to discover that while my decision to eat was simple, the list of ingredients for what I chose to eat was not. It contained numerous ingredients which, through research, I have learned are GMOs.

You are probably asking what a GMO is. According to the USDA, Genetic Engineering describes the “high-tech” methods used in recent decades to incorporate genes directly into an organism. Whereas, a GMO is an organism produced through those means, or through long term selective breeding methods. In simpler terms, GMOs are foods that have been genetically modified to be better from the food industry’s point of view. GMOs are created by going into the organisms DNA and changing its genetic make up. GMOs have been around since 1980.There are many factual pros and cons of GMOs. Some of the pros are bigger yields to create more efficient use of land, and the foods can have a longer shelf life for easier shipping. GM foods also create an essential sustainable way to feed the world. Another pro is that some GMO foods have been modified to make them more resistant to insect…

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