Genetic Modification For Pharmaceutical And Agriculture Industries

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In every single learning aspect we learn more and more as time progresses. If it may be the slight change in weather or possibly even a new discovery we continue to learn and gain a better understanding of the world we are living in, and how we live in it. We have broadened our capabilities to understanding the human body and the certain processes that we need to be completed in order for us to keep surviving in this world, and we just keep going up from there. Since we have come to the realization and understanding of the processes in our bodies we have had a very drastic upturn from that point on, and we just gain more information from the parts we already know. There are so many discoveries that we have found leading to current day understanding of DNA or DeoxyriboNucleic Acid. In the 1960’s all the way through the 80’s they used genetic modification for pharmaceutical and agriculture industries while still learning of the genetic code in the DNA. In the 1990’s DNA analysis and its techniques were broadly used in labs. This is all preceding the 1980’s in England by pinning a suspect with the DNA from them to the DNA that was found at the crime scene. Then following this DNA databases became a huge hit for everyone around the world. After this huge breakthrough lead to the DNA for Paternity and victims identification in about the 1990’s. This was to establish a family relationship. During this time DNA was also used to help adopted children find their parents. Not only…

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