Persuasive Essay On Super Babies

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Super Babies What are designer babies? Francis Fukuyama states, "That is, geneticists will identify the gene for a characteristic like intelligence, height, hair color, aggression, or self-esteem and use this knowledge to create a better version of the child" (674). The question is whether designer babies is natural or not, while they may some advantages like reducing the risk of certain diseases and changing favorable traits; they also have some disadvantages that come along the way. When genetically modifying the babies there are two ways that can be achieved by somatic gene therapy and germ-line engineering. As a society, if we start to change our human nature then it will likely change the way we develop out through the years. Do you think human beings have the natural right to genetically modify their own child?

Are designer babies ethical or
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In 1978, Louise Brown was the world's first baby to be done by in-vitro fertilization. Another designer baby, Adam Nash, who became the lifesaver for his six-year-old sister that had a rare genetic disease. Genetic Screening was involved which would make him free from the disease that she had inherited so that he could be a donor for his sister. As for society goes, there was a meeting in January of 2005 conducting technological and philosophical implications of genome engineering technology and the meeting began to gather steps for the use of gene editing. The discussion later brought up that China has been rising in genomics which should not be happening because the Asilomar Conference of 1975 confined them from DNA crossing. Stated in the discussion, "Some scientists felt that dealing with the new technology without extreme precaution could lead to characteristics being added to the pool or removed from the gene pool, others felt like the inquiry would benefit us in today’s society and not bring panic in the near future” (Das, et al.

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