Essay on Genetic Engineering Of The Human Dna

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Cancer continues to be a major health issue among the world effecting and killing millions of people each year. DNA technology researches have finally developed a gene editing tool in order to enable the cure to cancer. However, there are debates on whether genetic engineering of the human DNA is a safe course of action since the after effects are unknown. The debates against gene editing imply that it has no predictable effects on the future generations of the people while debates for gene editing imply that since this was developed it stopped tumours from growing and might be the answer to eliminating cancer. Therefore, should genes be modifies in order to treat cancer?

Biological Background
Cancer (carcinoma) is a type of disease of the body cells. When a cancerous tumour spreads, cells divide and travel to other body parts through blood or lymph where they then destroy tissues and grow into tumours. After heart disease cancer is the most feared death cause, however there are cases where patients are being cured from it and improvements to diagnosis and treatment are being developed continuously. Previous treatment for removal of cancer was for a surgeon to remove the tumour before it had a chance to spread further. It can also be treated through radioactive rays (radiotherapy) and drugs, these processes will stop the cell division and kill the tumour. (Biology For Life text book, Pg 332). A new treatment in the works is believed to be the cure to…

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