Genetic Engineering In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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Register to read the introduction… In the article, the supporters of genetic engineering claim that genetic therapy is able to shorten the social gaps between people. This technology will become cheaper. People are able to get better jobs as gene enhancement become more common. However, the opponents oppose with the statement that genetic engineering will increase the class division and also creating a new one. Some individuals will refuse to take the therapy as this is against their beliefs or other personal reasons. Others fear that it will take a long time before this technology becomes widely available. By then, the gap between those who can afford and those who cannot will only deepens. The author refers to Aldous Huxley’s work Brave New World when predicting the human society that might happen in future. He said that two species of human beings, the ruling “super humans” or the alphas and the inferior ones that lack genetic …show more content…
This article is an informative article. In the article, the author provides adequate information about the pros and cons of genetic engineering. He does not take sides. As a result, the author does not mention whether genetic engineering should be banned or give any of his opinion. The article is directed towards the general public. The content can be easily understood as the writer do not use many technical terms. In the beginning and the ending of the introduction, the author raises a lot of question in order for the reader to get into the situation. For example, “what if, by simply taking a pill containing new hormones, you could possess advanced athletic powers and run like an Olympic athlete?” (p.28). The author wants the reader to think about the benefits that may be brought by genetic engineering as well as the negative effects such as the various ethical problems that are raised in the

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