Dangers Of Human Cloning

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A heated debate is waiting to explode over the ethics of cloning and what dangers come from genetic cloning. One of the focuses of this debate is what are the risks and safety violations with allowing for genetic cloning to continue and what could happen to humans as this technology develops. Animals are the main test subjects on the effects of cloning to attempt to determine the possible effects that could happen to humans if more technology is developed. As more animals are continued to be tested companies want these cloned animals to be processed for food. Genetic cloning of animals for meat is wrong because there could be potential dangers towards humans, more animals create a problem with food and water supply, and the amount of land …show more content…
As more cloning is done there are more opinions of what cloning could do to change the human race. People are becoming more aware of these testings and results from animals being cloned for research. Animals have held an important role in the world for people whether it is food, companionship, or genetic diversity. Each of these things matters to people and from cloning them, scientists have no support over this debate. People feel that this particular research is damaging the important role the animals have. Animals are more than test subjects and should be held to a higher level than testing the way cloning affects their genes. This also impacts the genetic diversity in the animals because of the animals having the same genes. Genetic diversity is one of the most important aspects of an ecosystem and “improves the ecological fitness” of the environment(Thompson). Diversity allows for a better ecosystem that improves the world and human life. “Land races have much more genetic diversity” which allows for the different species to adapt better to the world around them(Thompson). Cloning will take away what the diversity does to save the species and continue the evolution of survival in the …show more content…
From cloning animals, there could be positive effects that change the world for the better. Animal cloning can lead to a larger food supply for people and a decrease in meat prices. This could also lead to the development of humans being cloned if legislation allows for extensive research to continue. However, the problem with this is that the meat could not be safe for people to consume and if people are cloned they could lose more than just the cycle of life. Humans are another species that scientists want to add to the list of living species that have been cloned. “Animal welfare issues are harder to ignore when cloning is undertaken for ends that seem frivolous or even, by some lights, inhumane” and from this people do not want the advancement of cloning(Fiester328-348). These actions prove that cloning is dangerous and should be stopped in order to save the animals that are being tortured for science. Cloning is not safe and the technology increasing towards this destruction of diversity needs to be stopped in order to help the

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