General Views Of Religion And Crime By Way Conducting A Literature Review

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4) Research questions.
The central aims of the intended research are to gather general views of religion and crime by way conducting a literature review. Understandably, this will therefore lead to other related areas such as religiously motivated crimes and what was the thinking and motive behind the criminal acts. A fundamental question is whether religion is a problem and does it cause crime. Works that have been published have offered a variety of views. For instance growing religiosity promotes social harmony alongside reducing crime (Johnson, 2011). Therefore, intensifying religious commitment could give an encouraging perception. Nevertheless, views expressed elsewhere for instance different forms of media have argued controversially. A self-proclaimed expert from Fox News; Steven Emerson stated that in areas of London individuals were assaulted for not dressing religiously and that the city of Birmingham belonged to a specific faith (Rawlinson, 2015). This view subsequently differs from that of some researchers or academics. Religion is represented as a threat to society from the perspective of Steven Emerson. The approach for the research will follow a qualitative method alongside an inductivist approach. The inductive model includes an observation of an event followed up by generalisations as result of what has occurred. The generalisations leads to an assumption or theory gained from the knowledge of the event (Dantzker and Hunter, 2011). The observation of…

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