General Education Requirements Are A Waste Of Time Essays

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College is a critical experience that allows one to explore his or her own personal interests. Unlike high school, college provides one with the ability to pick and choose specific fields, based on his or her passions, that one would like to study. However, much like high school, there are still course requirements that every student must accomplish before exploring his or her field of interest. For example, a few of the General Education requirements that California State University San Marcos has include: Oral communication, Written Communication, and Critical Thinking. Although one might argue that General Education requirements are a waste of time, there are a plethora of positive aspects that these requirements withhold. One positive aspect of General Education requirements is it transforms one into a well-rounded individual. General education classes are implemented in order for students to learn beyond their majors. General education classes provide one with the ability to understand different aspects of the world around us. For example, if it was my life long dream to become an Orthodontist and I went to college and only took courses strictly requiring me to learn about orthodontia then I would know very little about much else. I would be extremely talented at tending to my patient’s teeth, however I would lack in other areas, such as communication. I would know what procedure I needed to preform but, I would have a very challenging time describing it to my…

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