General Education Requirement Argumentative Essay

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General education requirement argumentative essay

General education requirements; those classes most students find highly frustrating and unnecessary which are included along the great path of our major. Many students like to argue that some of their requirements aren’t all that beneficial and that they have absolutely nothing to do with their major, and some students find that certain general education classes such as mathematics, English, and language educational classes benefit certain parts of their major. General education classes can sometimes be frustrating to students causing an inconvenience because of high demands of work due and in a short period of time and/ or the the classes requiring more study time than the main classes. General education classes are also beneficial in the long run considering the fact that your main classes may require high general education studies in certain certain material throughout the class. General ed classes may even help students decide their truly desired major. For example a student could be majoring in politics but he or she has a passion in health, conditioning, and fitness; if the student picks physical education as their general ed’ requirement, he or she may recognize their potential and higher interest in a sports medicine career field and change his or her major. Some general education classes Highly benefit in main course classes. For example, engineering involves a lot of mathematics when it comes to certain…

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