General Concepts Of The Triple Bottom Line Essay

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General Con General Concepts of the Triple Bottom Line cepts of the Triple Bottom Line cepts of the Triple Bottom Line
Traditionally organisations focused on goals such as growth and profit, however we have arrived at an age in which consumers and clients expect more from organisations. In the modern world it is expected that every organisationconducts business in a fair and ethical manner. Similar we now expect organisations to havesustainable goals to reduce emissions and to contribute to society in a positive direction.
Over the last decade there has been an obvious emphasis to reduce our greenhouse emissions. It is now scientifically proven that climate change is real shown in a 2004 review of
928 scientific papers showing an undoubtable consensus on the issue (Oreskes, 2004). The push to limit carbon footprint and improve sustainability in the commercial and domestic sectors, brought upon the creation of terms such asthe Triple Bottom Line (TBL). The phrase
TBL was coined by John Elkingston in 1994, a world renowned author in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (Babitha, 2013). Elkingston felt that a new language needed to be invented to express new environmental ideas (Henriques and
Richardson, 2004).
This report aims to explore the general concepts ofthe TBL approach and the influence TBL reporting has on modern business.
What is the TBL? What…

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