Gendered Behavior And Gender Roles Essay

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The society establishes certain norms that are expected to be followed by the gendered people residing in that society. These norms put them in their specific gender roles, which become the foundation of their identity. For example, since centuries, the belief that men are powerful and controlling, whereas women are vulnerable and dependent is prevailed all around the world. These gender roles ultimately regulate their behaviour, as this is how they can follow the norms to live ideally in the society. In other words, human behaviour varies across genders, and this is shaped up by what the society and the culture they are residing in expects of them. To gain a detailed insight of the phenomena of gendered behaviour, I observed the gender role of the female population in Wal-Mart. I went there to shop with my mother, and I used this opportunity to have a glance at how men and women usually behave in a supercenter. The first thing that took my attention is that women were more as employees than men in the store. I further noticed that the women population is mostly gathered in the fashion department and the grocery department, whereas most men were in electronics area. Furthermore, I observed that among the couples or families, the women were in charge of what groceries to buy and so on, whereas men were given the responsibility to push the shopping cart and/or look after kids. When few of the men took anything in the cart as per their wish, some of them looked concerned at…

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