Gender Wage Gap And Gender Inequality Essay

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Throughout history, females have oftentimes not been treated fairly compared to their male counterparts. The gender wage gap has been a real and prevalent issue in our society for decades. Even in the present, women are inclined to receive lower salaries than men throughout the world, and in the United States where the constitution, nonetheless, says “all men are created equal.” However, there is much we can do to stop bias against females in the work force. The United States’ wage gap is caused by discrimination against women who have less opportunities for higher paying jobs, and in order to eradicate this issue in our country and worldwide, women need to be treated impartially in the workforce.
One reason why the gender wage gap exists in today’s society is the blatant yet unconscious bias against women that has built up over centuries. In America, women have equal, and sometimes greater, access to and completion rates of higher education as “36% of young women have a bachelor’s or a graduate degree, compared with 28% of young men”, yet they do not necessarily have the same opportunities after they graduate (Carnevale and Smith). Many women end up with inferior and lower paying careers. This is not necessarily a result of women not being ambitious enough, most women are merely unable to work as much as men, and some even quit their jobs once they start raising families. This fact that women simply work less hours than men do is one of the greatest contributors to the…

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