Gender Wage Gap And Gender Inequality Essay

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In society there are many stereotypical roles that have developed in our culture. The key entity to remember about stereotypes is that they do not apply to all, but are just a way for people to come to judgements faster (Brewer). Unfortunately, these stereotypes, particularly those describing women have hindered their ability to be treated equally to men. Many of these stereotypes have to do with the work place and home life. Men are expected to be the providers of the family, and partake in more hands on work. Women on the other hand are expected to stay at home, raise the family, and maintain the household (Brewer). The workplace is one area where there is still a lack of equality and treatment. One area where this mistreatment is most obvious is the gender wage gap. In a publication by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, the gender wage gap currently is a woman will make 80 cents to every dollar a man makes. The Institute also claims that if the rate of pay increases the way it has since 1960 it will take until 2059 for men and women to begin making equal earnings (Hegewisch). Women have been fighting for years for equal pay and there have been many policies put in place to close this gender wage gap. Despite efforts to close the wage gap, there has been one segment of women in our country who have been neglected in this fight for equality. Female athletes make far less than their male counter parts. I would argue that women’s sports have made great…

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