Gender Theory And Gender Studies Essay

2125 Words Dec 18th, 2016 9 Pages
Having gone through a few WGS classes already, I thought I pretty much had a good grasp on gender theory. Obviously there would be more complex theories I hadn’t heard of yet, but I thought I had a decent understanding of the basics, and that the novels and information presented in this course would simply expand upon that. After the first few days of classes, I realized how little I had already known. I’d learned about intersectionality, and the male gaze, and invisible privilege, but that was probably as complex as my gender theory understanding went. The first few days of class challenged that completely. I went from thinking I had a leg up in discussion to being in way over my head with just a few pages of notes. It was intimidating. There was so much to learn, and so many ideas I never could have imagined applied to gender studies. I think, out of everything, that’s what I took away most from this course. With my understanding of intersectionality came the understanding that different identities contributed to one’s personal view point, but for the sake of WGS, gender was still at the center. This course showed me that one part of an individual’s identity can’t be prioritized, even in a women and gender studies course. Just as culture can contribute to gender identity, gender identity can contribute to culture, or to language, or to personal beliefs, or any of the varying identities we explored within this course. As a result, a culture, or language, or beliefs based…

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