Gender Themes In The Weekend, By Fay Weldon

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Register to read the introduction… Katie is an independent, beautiful woman who, in contrast to Martha, neither has husband nor kids. Martha admires Katie and gets a bit dreamy each time she thinks of Katie’s lifestyle – which is a more modern lifestyle and is designed to have fun. Colin’s previous wife Janet had had much more in common with Martha, but had now been replaced by Katie because Colin had become increasingly rich and famous. The fact is that Katie is the exact opposite of Martha. This also applies to the way she handles Colin, because Katie is in control of her man, in contrast to Martha. A good example of this is when Katie discovers that Colin carries a picture of Janet and their kids in his wallet. Katie storms off, and Colin is forced to burn the picture in order to satisfy Katie.
Martha is not happy with what she has become and she easily detects the way people look down on her, including Katie. She suspects that it is her mother and her childhood that is the reason why she has become this sad person in her own eyes and others.
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This should be a happy and joyful moment for Jenny, but Martha suddenly breaks down and can’t stop crying. In reality, Martha realises that Jenny is becoming a woman and that it is possible that Jenny will face the same gender inequality that Martha experiences.

The reason why Fay Weldon has written this short story is to portray gender inequality and especially male dominance within a relationship. This is seen when it is Jenny, a female, and not one of the boys that triggers Martha’s realization of the possibility that her own kids will fall foul to gender inequality.
Fay Weldon also portrays a number of possibilities of the origins of Martha’s character, and to why she is the way she

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