Gender Themes In Sexuality And Innocence, By Zora Hurston

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Theme (Gender) - Zora Hurston begins her novel with an extended metaphor analysing the difference between how men and women respond to their dreams. She determines that men look out unto their dreams, examining their practicality. As their dream never comes to fruition they must look away or drift along their horizons in despair. Women, on the other hand, are conditioned to refuse the futility of dream-chasing and for better or worse resolve to bending reality to accommodate their dreams. Hurston’s immediate eloquence and distinction of the genders establishes the basis for Janie's desire to fulfill the dreams birthed as a young girl. A search that instills in Janie a hunger to experience true love.

Foreshadowing (Conflict) - Zora Hurston
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She loses the innocence of being a child by experiencing the first inkling of sexual maturity watching the harmony of nature within the pear tree. Watching the tree quickly leads to Janie wanting to find how to replicate natural unity in her own life. Unsurprisingly, Janie realizes love between a man and women seems to simulate the feelings she is searching for. Seeing as the majority of the novel revolves around Janie’s coming of age, the transition from the blissful innocence of childhood to the realities of maturity proves to be the guiding force Janie relies on as she traverses her life and love throughout her …show more content…
The sensory explanation of his appearance upon entering the store Janie despised so much through her marriage with Joe appears in tune with Janie's dream of the pear tree that introduced love and marriage to her. The quote even closes with a connection to the title of the book, "Their Eyes Were Watching God", "he was a glance from God". A switch from people watching God, to a look from God, creating Tea Cake.
Character Trait (Attentiveness) - A clear distinction between the two men made even more apparent by Janie's assertion of this difference. Hurston acknowledges that Joe never picked out clothes for Janie, clearly a gesture that would've made her feel warm and loved. The simple act of picking out clothes color very clearly separates the men of Joe and Tea Cake. Joe focused on building his own power and from that believed Janie would love being married to a powerful man. Tea Cake could care less about power and just wants to have fun with Janie, showing her a good time

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