Gender Stereotypes In Man And Women

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¹In our society, there is different of cultural expectations in man and woman. Traditionally speaking, the gender stereotypes of woman are someone who will assume the role of a stay-home mother, where men are expected to have a good job and able to financially provide his family. While these may considered to be the gender stereotypes in our society, but it is also a deliberated product of social construction, which outcome more beneficial to man.

Generally speaking, when talking about gender roles, it is how each sex supposed express themselves. At very young age, girls are taught to sit with their legs cross, not to speak in certain way, and boys are taught to be more active and expressive. All which indicates man are masculine and woman are feminine, girls plays dolls and boys play robots. However, compare to other cultures, such as the Native-Americans, who has more than two genders in their culture, they actually recognize five genders, male, female and intersexual individuals. The intersexual individuals, which is someone identified themselves either a Macular-Female or a Feminine-Male. Those who are known as intersexual, are referring to who change
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All of these are the production of gender roles, which woman and man are supposed to only have one standard of "gender role" in the society. Yet, these roles and construction do not reflect on the reality, in reality, woman can become a doctor just as the man, and man can pursue a career in nursing, and father does not have to be the one or the only financial provider, and women are capable to the role of a mother and a career woman. I believe it should be an individual choice for whichever role they wish to be, how they would identify themselves should not be a concrete of

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