Gender Stereotypes In Commercial Analysis

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Does your man not smell like the man you wish could smell like? Does your woman only watch recreational games because she thinks the athletes are hot? A television advertisement is a tool used to produce a message typically to market a product or service. But are commercials all about selling the product or portraying stereotypical traits about gender roles? Society may believe that gender stereotypes are uncommon in commercial, but if they took a closer look at each commercial. There 's will be various examples of how gender roles are portrayed infamously. Especially within men in American society, Axe’s product only portrays them as having higher authority, better-looking body and as jerks. They lack the true value of how men should be represented …show more content…
Men throughout history are considered of having a professional and valuable paying job that benefits the society. In recent studies, women were three times more likely than men to be presented as product users rather than an authority or the one selling the product. For instance, in the Axe “Dentist Office Boom Chika Wah Wah” commercial, the caucasian men is portrayed as a doctor ready to assist the women 's need. This clearly shows that Axe’s values are more shifted into displaying caucasian men as more capable of obtaining a higher paying job than females. It also shows that men who use axe products are better suited for jobs that require higher education and women are only useful for basic needs. But does this really show the true value of humankind? In current history, both men and women have equal opportunities for education. It all just depends on who wants to take the opportunity to break the …show more content…
A frequent Axe commercial “Know when to shhh when stargazing” shows that even in the most romantic moment, men can ruin the moment by discussing irrelevant topics forcing them to look like idiots. While the two couples in the commercial stargaze, the boyfriend starts thanking her girlfriend’s mom for being so beautiful and for providing good looks to her daughter. But he doesn 't just stop there, he continues to rant about how her mom is so good looking. In this commercial axe illustrates men as idiots. But is this true in all situations? It may be that men are portrayed as idiots for humorous reasons. But most men 's go beyond the world to arrange a perfect romantic moment. They show that they are wise and capable of doing a complex job.
All things considered, I believe that Axe commercials rarely show the true meaning of what a man is. They lack the knowledge to display that men can be caring and skilful to do a woman 's job. Axe only cares about selling its product in the most productive way, mostly by providing a need of affiliation so that every man can feel safe and not left out. As long as if they use their axe products. But if Axe continues to portray men as idiots, acceptable if they were better looking with muscles and only capable of taking higher authority, then we will only perceive masculinity as a fixed

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