A Streetcar Named Desire Gender Analysis

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Gender stereotypes are an abstraction about the attributes and roles of a specific gender. This involves the major differences between gender roles. These stereotypes are mostly used to refer to a negative generalization, but could also refer to a positive aspect as well. However, these clichés rarely express the true character about of the particular gender in question. Gender stereotyping is shaped into individuals’ minds because of the different ideas and theories that media released in the past. In the play titled ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, the author, Tennessee Williams uses a range of characters with several character traits with the aim of bringing out the theme of gender stereotyping.
Following the traditional customs, the female stereotypic role is to get married, bear children, put her family’s welfare before her own, love, care, and nurture and also sympathize with her
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However, the first person that Blanche turns to for aid is Shep Huntleigh, the oil millionaire. She claimed that Shep, “could do it, he could certainly do it!” (Williams). With this, Williams portrays Blanche’s desperation to lead a new life, but still depended on a man in her life to ensure that she was happy. She also looked for a new life in New Orleans through the character of Mitch, “I want to rest! I want to breath quietly again!” (Williams). Besides, Stella is also dependent on men, the same way as Blanche. Williams displays Stella’s weakness through her relationship with Stanley. In scene four, she claimed to Blanche “ I am not in anything I have a desire to get out of ” and, she also says that “there are things, which happen to a woman and man in the dark, which sort of make everything else seem unimportant” (Williams). That makes her appear as weak and to be easy to be influenced beyond her natural character. She is seen to turn into something that Stanley

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