Cultural Gender Roles

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Gender roles are a huge part of our culture today and they are very important. Before looking at gender roles and gender stereotypes in our society, we first need to understand what they are. Gender roles are the norms we have set for each person to behave within their gender constraints. Gender stereotypes are what we assume the other gender should do based on over generalizations our society has created for us (Rathus, 2010, pg. 447). Without these set images on what gender should be, we would have no way to tell whether someone was a girl or a boy from the outside. Trying to grasp what our world has rectified gender is the most essential piece of psychological study. By doing so, we can see if someone is behaving a certain way due to his …show more content…
There shouldn’t be a stronger person in any bond or it becomes uneven and it has a better chance of falling apart. If someone relies to heavily on the other, the other may begin to feel the weight and then they may become upset, or even want to break up. To find a balance, I think the couple should talk and figure out who is comfortable doing what in their liaison. If a married team cannot communicate to each other how they feel, then the marriage will most likely fail fairly quickly. Most marriages, despite these problems, do hold power roles. If there is a marriage with a power role, one person may begin to feel dominated over and they just might choose to break it off with the other. However, not every relationship is wrong just because there are power roles. Some people love letting someone else take control and they will gladly have another individual do so. I believe, though, that a healthy relationship can only stand with a good balance of …show more content…
When we think of feminism, most people think of women protesting for rights of women and how they deserve to be heard as well. While this is a true statement, people should also notice how they treat women they know on a personal level. In relationships, for example, it’s important to see women as whom they want to be seen as, but you should also bear in mind that they don’t want to feel like they’re being treated unfairly (Mankiller, 1998). While thinking of feminisms is important, we should also think about how modern society thinks of marriage. Now a day, you can see many different types of families and within those families are different types of relationships. Most marriages are happy ones while some are too dominated by one person. Although most people marry out of love for the other person, some marry out of forced reasoning. These marriages nearly always end up in divorces (Rathus, 2010, p. 335). Although feminism and modern society should both be looked at, the most important issue of all with power roles is trying to find the correct balance of love in a marriage. Since many people now marry out of true love, they tend to end up happy no matter what. As long as the one person is with them, they cannot be more content with their lives (Rathus, 2010, p. 335). Without these three items touched on by our

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