Essay on Gender Socialization And Socio Cultural Expectations

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Gender socialization begins before the baby is born. Upon finding out the sex of the baby, parents start pondering about how the child’s comportment, appearance should be and his/her interests such as what the child would like to pay with and their sexuality. When the parents are preparing materials for the baby 's arrival they usually associate the color pink with girls and blue with boys. In this society, everyone is conditioned to act a certain way, which is considered proper, and those who practice deviance are severely judged. As a result, parents are forced to concede to the way a girl or boy 's countenance is illustrated in the society. In this paper, data gathered from girls and boys clothing departments in Target will be evaluated for gender socialization and socio-cultural expectations in the U.S. The data shows many examples of gender socialization. According to the data from Target, the perception is that the girls have a lot of variety of clothes: dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, different tops/t-shirts and more. Boys, on the other hand, have pants, shorts and tops (less than girls). Also looking through the data, girl 's column consist of bright colored clothes, mostly light pink and purple while the boy’s are dark toned. The clothes for both genders are embellished with polka dots, stripes, and character designs, yet only the girl’s have floral designs. For example, the light salmon pink boho maxi dress which was made from rayon had no sleeves, fell to the…

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