Essay on Gender, Social, Cognitive, And Emotional Development

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Gender obliges as one of the major social categories throughout the life span. Researchers have been interested in how young children come to comprehend that there are two genders and the influence of their physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development. Gender roles in development consist of biological, psychosexual, social learning and cognitive. Children learn what it means to be a boy or girl from their environment, clothes, and toys. Society has built particular images that display what a girl/boy should be like. Socially and culturally, clothing is symbolized identity for everyone. From a very young age, kids observe their difference in gender from the clothes and toys they play with. Separating a boy from a girl is based on their appearance, toys and activities they partake in. The difference between a boy and a girl can be visually displayed right at your local clothing and toy store. These stores give a section for each gender separating one from another. The visual layout of the stores shows a direct difference between by the color scheme, texture, designs, and products. In addition, they do share a few similarities as well. The department stores I observed to determine gender stereotype are the following; Children Place, Gap Kids, Babies R Us, and Toy R Us. The clothing stores Children Place and Gap Kids contain the same inventory structure. The toy stores Babies R Us and Toy R Us contain different but similar items.

Department Stores Clothing…

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