Essay on Gender Roles Throughout China, Zimbabwe And America

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Gender plays a significant role in how we function in society and how we perceive gender as a determining factor for success. Males are given opportunities that females are not awarded due to stereotypes; a prime example being the inability to think logically when emotions are aroused. Females are generally thought of as the weaker mate of a relationship and is considered a life giver in sync with the women’s natural ability to bear a child. These characteristics are what unifies gender roles across China, Zimbabwe and even America.
In America, these gender roles are slowly diminishing as we are evolving into the new phenomenon of acceptance or equal human rights, which says that any sexual orientation is legal and should be accepted. With this phenomenon, society has rapidly dissolved what once was the traditional idea of a nuclear family to an abstract concept of family. In addition, America is transitioning into creating more independent women through education.Women are now seeking higher level education, more so than men which is resulting in the transition of stay at home dads and working moms.
In contrast to America, China and Zimbabwe largely adopts the traditional idea of gender roles such as the women should be stay at home wives; attending to household needs, caring for their husband and childbearing. In addition both cultures emphasizes the basic principle that every member of the family plays vital role in the stability of the family. For instance, in…

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