Gender Roles Of Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe Essay

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In this culture, gender roles are strictly set for the men and women. Among the Igbo people, man rule ultimately. The more masculine one is, the higher they are respected among the community. In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo, the main character, is one of these respected men. In order to be a man however, as the narrator states, “No matter how prosperous a man was, if he was unable to rule his women and his children (and especially his women) he was not really a man”(Achebe 53). With that being said, it is thought that the woman’s role is to ultimately serve and be devoted to her husband. This gender role does not apply to the men of this culture, since it is so predominantly masculine this tribe is. Not only are the Igbo women devoted to their men, they are limited in the things they can do because of their gender. In this pre-colonized culture, it was common for women to be seen as outcasts, and if any man held this title, was frowned upon and not excepted within the community. When an Igbo father gives permission for his daughter’s suitor to marry her, that suitor and the men of the girl’s family settle a price in which the suitor and his family pay. In the novel, Things Fall Apart, as the narrator states, “In this way Akuke’s bride-price was finally settled at twenty bags of cowries” (Achebe 51). The suitor and his family also critique the soon-to-be bride if everything goes as planned. In Things Fall Apart, the daughter of the main character Okonkwo’s best friend is…

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