Gender Roles Of The Classroom Essay

1272 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page
There is a little girl in kindergarten; she is wearing a pretty flowered dress, with pink tights. Most of the human population would expect her to be playing with dolls because of the gender roles they were taught in the society and culture we grew up in. Well this little girl is climbing a tree and most likely going to rip her tights. She loves wear dresses and loves the feeling of looking down from the tops of trees. Little does she know that as she grows up her parents, culture and society will teach her that she needs to sit proper and not get dirty. Does she conform, or not, we will never know. Some children have the voice to speak and not let gender roles interfere with their soul and some confirm to the culture around them. On the other side of the classroom, there is a boy who cannot stop wiggly in his chair; he is full of life and wants to touch everything. The teacher makes him stop and throughout his schooling he will be asked to stop moving, sit and stay focused like the girls in class. He will probably try his best but may not learn everything he needs to because he is being conformed to a learning pattern introduced by gender roles in his culture that he was not designed for. These stories are examples of how gender roles can affect the children in society. Growing up I never realized how many gender roles I learned from school or at least were confirmed at school after being taught at home. My sister and I had a girl names, dresses in our closet, was told…

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