Essay on Gender Roles Of The American Society

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Gender Roles in America… Influenced by Stereotypes Gender codes in America have been discussed and debated by many arguing that men in the US are granted more privileges than women in America. There has been many conflicts and controversy over this topic due to the public image associate towards both sexes. Media and entertainment have continuously added fuel to the fire regarding gender codes in America by making this one of the most talked about issues in the United States of America. This issue both concern men and women in our country. Gender roles that have been adopted in the US affect the social statuses of both men and women in America. Americans has been facing these issues for years trying to come up with some solution to put the gender hierarchy in America to rest. When one looks at the issues and conflicts of gender roles in America it is obvious that one can see the many differences, biases, and unequal opportunities provided for both men and women in America. Gender codes in America have divided both men and women from one another by categorizing and placing labels on both sexes due to various stereotypes. Since the beginning of time a man has been understood as more dominant than a woman. Due to this perception of men and woman terms like “masculine” and “feminine” were created to describe both the characteristics and traits of men and women and what it is believed they possess as individuals. Gender in America has always been an issue for…

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