Gender Roles Of Men And Those For Women Essay

1245 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
Even despite the roles set apart for men and those for women, each man or women is unique in that each will fulfill his or her role in his or her own special way. No two people are alike and each must carry out their duties according to their personality and talents. This allows for an array of creativity and innovation in fulfilling the gender roles which God plans for each person. Even though gender role is a stigmatized phrase; perhaps think of it as the eternal, just, merciful God’s calling upon your life. In this light, it may still be hard submit ourselves and our identity to God. Think of it in this light: because God so loves us, He died on the cross to pay for our sins and to bring healing to this world; furthermore, accepting this grace demands one thing of us and that is we give ourselves entirely to Him. Having given ourselves to Him and finding out identity in Him, we follow His will, which includes the responsibilities of the gender He has called us to be; moreover, we can do so joyfully knowing we are loved and cared for by God (Keller 186-192). The real stumbling block here is why do we have to do what God tells us to and why do we have to be who God wants us to be. Are we not free to be who we want to be? If God is our creator and if He died to save us from sin, which we can never save ourselves from, we owe our all to Him, including our will and identity. Even if one does not believe God exists, one should certainly want the Biblical God to exist…

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