Gender Roles Of Gay Men Essay

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From the beginning of time, homosexual men have struggled with being considered masculine. So, what is masculinity? Masculinity is the possession of qualities traditionally associated with men. Homosexual men are men and men are masculine. According to this definition, that’s all it takes to be masculine. However, they are not considered masculine. In order for one to be considered masculine, they must have certain qualities or traits. For example, being independent, non-emotional, aggressive, and competitive are masculine qualities. What’s so different about gay men to the reason why it’s hard for them to be considered masculine? Is it the way television and media depict homosexuality in men? Is it the society’s treatment and judgment of someone who is homosexual? What is the reason for why it’s so difficult for homosexual men to be considered masculine in contemporary society? They are men, but yet they are not masculine men.

It’s already hard for some homosexual men to come out as gay because of the stereotypes shown on television and that is in the media. They are afraid of being judged and treated differently, if they came out as homosexual. For example, Homosexual Labeling and the Male Role is as study conducted on how one acts when they are labelled homosexual and how others treated someone who is labelled homosexual (1978). When the test subject was told they were homosexual, they acted extremely masculine. They avoided any gesture that was categorized as feminine.…

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