Essay on Gender Roles : Intimate Partner Violence

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The 21st century has seen increased concerns addressed to public health since the lives of millions of Americans are affected continuously. Among the agenda is intimate partner violence (IPV). Essentially, IPV involves all forms of sexual and physical violence, psychological aggression, and even stalking by an immediate or former partner with whom one shared intimate relations. According to National Statistics, in the US, 20 people per minute suffer from physical violence inflicted by their intimate partners, translating to more than 10 million men and women. Additionally, close to 3 million women go through intimate partner rape, while per one year, just over 6 million men and women report incidences of stalking (Hattery 21). Through socialization, the young people learn primarily from their elders certain behaviour and attitudes expected of men and women. For this reason, this paper takes to establish a fact sheet for assisting individuals and policy-makers in understanding the relevance of gender role socialization to IPV. Foremost, it is imperative to define the key terms as a benchmark for the apprehension of this public health issue. Socialization is a continuous process beginning from the birth when norms, customs, and ideologies are provided and established to equip individuals with the necessary skills and habits to conform to particular society (Coon and Mitterer 356). Socialization agents mainly include family, peers, school, and the media. Among the societal…

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