Gender Roles In Taming Of The Shrew

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Many works of literature have focused and questioned upon the complexity of gender roles and social statuses that can be portrayed specifically in the dramatic comedy, Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. With the continuous changing of perception of women, many people have thus debated over the methods Petruchio uses to tame his shrewish wife, Katherina, while others argued about the meaning behind Kate’s speech at the final scene of the play. Both characters, Petruchio and Kate, can be characterized as greatly assertive and audacious in their own ways, thus causing their marriage to be unstable and unpredictable at times. However, although their marriage began on shaky grounds, the relationship between Kate and Petruchio gradually evolved from one of contention and verbal sparring to one of “mutual trust and dependence” (Pearson). The unconventional relationship conveyed by both Kate and Petruchio as it evolved into the form of an alliance, thus allows Shakespeare to ridicule societal roles placed on both men and women in the Elizabethan era. As Shakespeare first establishes the relationships of …show more content…
Indeed, the relationship between Katherine and Petruchio goes beyond bounds of a traditional marriage, thus causing some to debate over the nature of their connection. Both of “wit and imagination,” Petruchio and Kate developed a relationship from one of malice to one of love and dependence after Petruchio supports Kate to find and accept her own individuality (Saccio). Such an unconventional relationship ultimately allowed for their partnership to develop in the couple’s search for non-conformity. Shakespeare’s questioning of the era’s transition of gender roles in his plays thus continues to provoke his audience even after the curtain

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