Gender Roles In Patriarchal Society

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Gender roles play a huge role in how men and women are seen and how they interact. Men are seen as tough while women are seen as weaker individuals. Media, and its portrayal of gender roles, feeds into how society sees gender. Media is not the only why gender roles continue to persist. The society men and women live in also hurts them. The patriarchal society dictates how gender roles are seen and how it affects men and women in their everyday lives. Sex and gender are two different things entirely yet the two terms were used interchangeably until the 1970s. Gender roles are rooted in the patriarchal society people live in. When looking at the gender versus sex terms through a biological view, it is not seen as that big of a deal. The difference …show more content…
Specifically, that group includes women. The white men tend to think they are born with having power over those they think less of. In "Gender, Class, and Terrorism", author Michael Kimmel writes, "They [white men] claim that "others" have been handed the birthright of native-born white men" (590). Kimmel also argues gender is the real issue behind these men 's thoughts. The men were raised to believe they were better because of their sex. The patriarchal society made their gender top priority. The emasculation of these men will continue to make them hate women. They blame their failures on women. If only the men were not led to believe they deserved better because of gender …show more content…
Comments on the internet or twitter interactions are two main ways people can observe gender roles. Men seem to dominant discussions especially in conversations about women. These discussions can get nasty quick if someone, mainly a woman, happens to disagree with a man. The man starts ripping her apart and calling her sexist names. Gender roles shaped the man 's mindset into thinking he has control over this woman and can just insult her over the stupidest thing. That is just on the internet. People can also observe gender roles in connection to sexual assault and domestic violence cases. Women are likely not be believed if they are sexual assaulted or abused in any way. Gender roles has programmed men and women alike to think that maybe she was just "asking for it" or "Come on, it wasn 't that bad". Men are also hurt by gender roles in regards to sexual assault and domestic violence. Male victims of domestic violence or sexual assault are not taken as seriously as women victims. Society is almost programmed to think women cannot hurt men. Some also seem to think male on male or female on female sexual assault or violence does not exist. If a man is raped, his friends could think he is a "pussy" or "wimp". This makes it unlikely for him to report the violence. Sexual assault in both men and women can led to depression. Gender roles hurt these victims of violence, and they deserve better

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