Gender Roles During Ancient Civilizations Essay

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Gender Roles in Ancient Civilizations
Gender roles in four ancient civilizations were quite similar. China, Japan, Greece and Rome were the homes of these societies. Although these civilizations existed on two continents, it is quite remarkable that the men and women in all these civilizations had basically similar tasks based on their gender.
Women in China were obligated to balance society’s principles while raising a family and maintaining a household. The relationship among family members was given by Confucian teachings. A philosopher structured the position of male patriarch as the arbiter for the family. Everyone in the family had to subordinate to the oldest male in the family. Marriage was also defined by gender. Marriages benefit both families, often without the bride and groom knowing about it. For women, their status of who they were and what they would do in life was set at birth. Sons were cherished as a tradition to the family because of the ability to contribute to the family and honor the ancestors. Daughters did not mean much to a family. They could marry into another family and were known as “small happiness” (Abraham, Cara).
China practiced breaking girl’s feet to make her more desirable to a male who might be a potential spouse. At a young age, they would put her feet into hot water and clip her toe nails short. Then messaged and oiled on all toes except the big toe because they would break it and flatten it against the sole, making it into…

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