Social Structures In Ancient China

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During the Neolithic period of ancient China it is believed that clans, multiple families who share the common name, were how the villages were differentiated, and that farming was the building block of society. Like most ancient cultures the ancient Chinese had a class system that they adhered to. This social structure was comprised of the king, the aristocratic elite, the peasants, the merchants, and the slaves. Yet again like most ancient cultures the two sexes had very separate distinct roles to play in society. It is at the top of the social pyramid that you would have the king, and during the Shang dynasty the king ruled with the aid of a main administration in the capital city. The king also divided his land into territories which he allowed the aristocratic chieftains to govern, however if the king did not approve of any one of the …show more content…
It was a patriarchal society because of the importance on men in the role of food provider/producer. As in many societies of the time the men worked the fields and brought home the food while women were tending the home and raising children. Though some women, such as the wives of the elites and other royalty, could have some persuasion in palace proceedings. It was highly frowned upon. The male role was solidified in the legal system, they governed society as warriors, scholars, and ministers. Men were permitted more then one wife and to divorce their wife if she could not produce a son. Women like in every other society could not own property, however women in ancient China did not have a dowry so they were left without a form of financial security. It is as a woman of todays society that I can say I would not have wanted to be a woman during this period. It is unfortunate that society through out history has been very patriarchal. I don 't think I can imagine myself in that way. So I would have rather been a male in ancient Chinese

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