Gender Roles And Stereotypes Start At An Early Age Beginning With Dressing Children

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Gender Roles Versus Rationalism
Gender roles and stereotypes start at an early age beginning with dressing children a certain way, buying them gender based toys, and often ridiculing the child for doing something opposite or inappropriate for their gender preference. Basic gender stereotypes for men include being controlling, manipulative, independent, assertive, dominant, and competitive. Basic female gender stereotypes include being relatively passive, loving, sensitive, supportive in social and family relationships, display anxiety under pressure, and suppress anger and sexual desires. At an early age, girls are more advanced in both cognitive and psychical difference throughout life. Verbal skills for girls tend to be more advanced than boys at an early age, so girls are able to express themselves through talking unlike boys do.
The theories in this study suggested that there was a distinction in sex in the statement of feelings in three classes including positive feelings like joy, disguising negative feelings like trouble and fear, and externalizing negative feelings like outrage and scorn. Young ladies tend to demonstrate more positive feelings, while young men would indicate additionally externalizing feelings, steady with the sex part hypothesis.
The results of the study demonstrated that there was a little, yet significant mean impact measure for positive feelings (- 0.8) showing that young ladies had a more prominent positive feeling expression. It was…

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