Gender Roles And Its Impact On Society Essay examples

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The global society has always had a traditional and oriental way of life in which gender roles and schemas have existed, transformed, and evolved. Throughout history, the controversies over such matter have subsided, but nevertheless, they still continue to exist today and integrate into components of everyday life that impact individuals of all backgrounds. Not only that, but it influence other aspects of everyday life, impacting global processes such as the job market, social standpoints, and foreign relations. Critics may argue that gender roles have been equalizing to the extent where males and females have similar opportunities but such only remains true in certain countries. Not only that, but this notion that both females and males are offered similar opportunities tends to be an idealized thought since in the minds of many individuals in contemporary society, consciously or not, there still exists a difference between females and males. Furthermore, this affects women’s professional and educational lives as differences between male and female intellectual characteristics are unknowingly falsified and enforced. Specifically in STEM fields, the vast underrepresentation of women is a factor which further highlights the gender gap, limiting innovation and opportunities for women. As stated by Julia Bear (2011), “A variety of reasons have been given for this gender gap, including bias and discrimination, a lack of role models, differential access to social networks, and…

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