Essay on Gender Roles And Its Effects On Society

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So many pieces of society and our culture affect us psychologically. Gender roles and schemas are a part of every society and thusly may have profound psychological effects on its members. Gender roles are societal norms that dictate acceptable behaviors for each sex and a gender schemas are a set of beliefs that a person holds that they use to understand what is acceptable behavior for their sex. Some of the most vulnerable to effects of gender roles and schemas’ are teenagers. Psychologically teenagers are being bombarded with hormones, their brains are restructuring themselves, and unlike adults, their prefrontal cortex remains undeveloped. In addition, teens are forming their self-identity leaving them easily influenceable.The effects of gender roles have been researched and demonstrated to social psychologists who seek to explain and understand social behavior, clinical psychologists who seek to diagnose and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, abnormal psychologists that seek to look at psychopathology and abnormal behavior. In addition the effects of gender roles can be seen and experienced in society. Aspects of gender roles in modern American society negatively impact male and female teens and young adults (12-21) psychologically.

Gender roles and schemas cause negative psychological effects like vulnerability to eating disorders in women and negative body image in both women and men. The idealization of thinness for women has been a cultural…

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