Gender Roles And Gender Stereotypes Essay

1038 Words Oct 8th, 2014 5 Pages
People are unaware of what is being presented to them through the media unless they analyze the significance behind the script. Further deconstructing the media’s script such as television, the most pervasive form of media, will surely summon the point that media is fundamental in creating the social norms. In addition, gender roles are being surfaced through many television shows, and stereotypes are distorted excessively among these shows. Two and a Half Men encompasses and enforces both gender roles and stereotypes towards men and women. This television series provides many examples enhancing how society view these gender constructions over time. Moreover, gender roles and gender stereotypes exist primarily because society altogether choose to accept them, but they are exaggerated and perpetuated by the media. Although there isn’t anything wrong choosing to fulfill a gender role, media seems to always display the negative traits. For instance, In Two and a Half Men, mother Evelyn Harper is strong and independent. It’s agreeable that they are good qualities to have. It certainly introduces the debate that “ New conceptions about women as strong and independent forced men to renegotiate their own identities”(Peter Tragos 542). However, throughout the series, there’s a cap overshadowing her success, and instead exaggerating on her spiteful and bad tempered attitude. In addition, Tragos observes, “It appears that in redefining femininity women were expected to…

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