Gender Roles And Gender Role Socialization Essay examples

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In society, people are expected to look and act a certain way depending on if they are male or female. The physical differences of the body that helps determine if someone is male or female are known as a person’s sex. While a person’s sex focuses more on telling a woman and man apart physically, gender is what a person concentrates on more when determining the type of behavior that is appropriate for each sex. An example of gender is the expectation of men being masculine while women are expected to be more feminine. Another way we learn to distinguish the two ¬¬¬is through gender role socialization. Gender role socialization is when we learn gender roles through schooling, media, and family. A good illustration of gender role socialization is when a young boy watches his father disrespect his mother he grows up thinking that it is okay for him to act the same way toward her along with other women. The concept is known as the social construction of gender also helps reveal our identity as male or female, but in a way that is determined by the society that we live in. An example of social construction of gender is when society’s idea of being feminine requires a female to be vulnerable, weak, and submissive. Sadly, we live in a world in which our behavior is influenced by gender roles. Not only does our gender influence the way we act, but it affects the way we perceive ourselves and others as well. Sexual entitlement a good example that shows the type of behavior…

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