Essay on Gender Roles And Gender Discrimination

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“Traditional gender roles cast men as rational, strong, protective, and decisive; they castwomen as emotional (irrational), weak, nurturing, and submissive. These gender roles havebeen used very successfully to justify inequities, which still occur today, such as excludingwomen from equal access to leadership and decision-making positions (in the family as well asin politics, academia, and the corporate world), paying men higher wages than women fordoing the same job (if women are even able to obtain the job), and convincing women that they are not fit for careers in such areas as mathematics and engineering,”(
Tyson 85).Views on gender-based differentiation in the workplace and ininterpersonal relationshipshaveoften undergone profound changes as a result of feministand/or economic influences, butthere are still considerable differences in gender roles in almost all societies. It is also true that

in times of necessity, such as during a war or other emergency, women are permitted to perform functions which in ‘normal’ times would be considered a male role, or viceversa ,”(Padley 24). Numerous efforts worldwide have been made in order to modify the traditional gender role of women. Participation in “traditionally male
-dominated professions and institutions, such as politics, the law and the civil service”(Padley 24) are the most notable rights from which formerly women were deprived of.As the second half of the twentieth century reached its second decade, “the Family…

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