Gender Roles And Expectations Change Essay

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Gender roles and expectations change depending on the community, what may be considered to be feminine or masculine in one community may not be in a different community. In “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, juxtaposed to the previous writers, conveys her argument through the use of personal anecdote. Cofer narrates her experience as a Latin girl growing up in America. Through the appeal of ethos she explains how as a teenager she was taught to behave as a “proper senorita” (Cofer, 371) encouraged to look and act like a women. This made her feminine in the eyes of her community, however her Anglo friend and mothers found them too “mature”(Cofer, 371) for their age. Through Cofer’s diction she illustrates how society’s gender stereotypes vary within different cultures.
As the gender expectations change within communities, so have they changed over time. From the beginning of recorded history men and women have always had roles that have set them apart. Men were the strong leaders, head of the house, while women were the homemakers. In “The Decline of Men” Garcia addresses how the advances in the world have had an immense impact on the gender roles- while women are escalating, men seem to be dumbing down. Garcia’s arguments are mostly supported by logos and ethos- information and statistics provided by credible sources. He makes comparisons between women and men on the professional level, and women are demonstrating to make a…

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