Gender Roles Affect The Lives Of Every Human Being Essay

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Gender roles affect the lives of every human being. defines gender role as “the public image of being male or female that one presents to others.” This implies that we portray something that we construct ourselves, crafted according to our personal expression of masculinity or femininity that we identify with. Our personal understanding of gender is shaped by the norms that come from our culture. Norm is defined as “a standard, model, or pattern.” To be included in our culture we attempt to express our gender according to the pattern provided. Western cultures, especially the culture of the United States, tend to have specific models for what is considered masculine and feminine. If something is masculine, words like strong, tough, aggressive, and bold come to mind. On the other hand, beautiful, empathetic, agreeable, nurturing, and weak are terms associated with femininity. Following cultural norms usually helps insure acceptance, but the models set forth for women are hard to adhere to, especially regarding standards of beauty. Women often feel pressure regarding their appearance in different aspects such as body type, cosmetics, and clothing. American culture has obvious expectations for performance in these areas, yet following through with these leads to new criticism. Adhering to the feminine cultural norm of beauty is impossible to do entirely because of the different messages being conveyed to women. Body type might possibly be the most heavily…

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