Essay on Gender Roles Affect Male And Female

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Girls wear pink. Boys wear blue. Girls stay in the house and do housework; boys like to go outdoors and work. Girls are told to wait their entire lives for the boy they will marry and their happily ever after. Stereotypes surround each and every person. Gender is often one of these stereotypes. Can a girl not enjoy the outdoors? Can a boy not enjoy the color pink? Can a girl not like outfits that contain the color blue? The way that individuals are raised can affect the way they act and their personality. Women seem to be inferior in earlier science fiction, but authors are now trying to include women as main characters. Girls are beginning to be included, but their roles remain typical female roles. “We also tend to focus on gender roles as they relate to females,” but we must also realize that “gender roles affect males, too” (Ramsey 114). Gender needs to be addressed from both aspects: male and female. Both “masculinity and femininity help define one another” (Ramsey 114). The idea of gender in science fiction has changed greatly with the time periods. There are many times when a science fiction author tries to get away from the stereotypical gender roles of the time period, while there are still books which fall into this trap.
A popular 1970s television show, The Six Million Dollar Man, and its spinoff, The Bionic Woman, are great examples of how a simple thing such as gender can affect an entire show. The original show, The Six Million Dollar Man, did…

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