Essay on Gender, Race, Sex, And Class

761 Words Nov 18th, 2015 4 Pages
Gender, race, sex, and class are all central determinants in the way interactions play out and in how power and space are valued within those interactions. We subconsciously encounter the influences that these determinants have through each of our daily interactions. Therefore, to further demonstrate the existence of gender, race, sex, and class as determining roles within interactions, I analyzed various interactions among individuals in three different settings: a social space, a place of business, and a site of different purpose. The majority of my findings were further evidence to support the already existing beliefs we have about how we are expected to interact and behave towards other individuals based on these characteristics. To begin, the first setting, a social space, I observed at was at the Drew University dining hall, the Commons. I became immediately aware of the job distribution among workers based on their gender and race. Of all the workers, only three of them were male; one walked around as a supervisor, another cooked at the grill, and the final one swiped individuals into the dining hall. The female workers filled the rest of the jobs, performing tasks that included preparing sandwiches, making the stir-fry, serving food, and cleaning up the tables and counters. Furthermore, there were only two white workers and the rest of the workers were either African American or of other racial background. Of the two white individuals, one was the supervisor and…

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