Gender, Race, Sex, And Class Analysis

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Gender, race, sex, and class are all central determinants in the way interactions play out and in how power and space are valued within those interactions. We subconsciously encounter the influences that these determinants have through each of our daily interactions. Therefore, to further demonstrate the existence of gender, race, sex, and class as determining roles within interactions, I analyzed various interactions among individuals in three different settings: a social space, a place of business, and a site of different purpose. The majority of my findings were further evidence to support the already existing beliefs we have about how we are expected to interact and behave towards other individuals based on these characteristics. To begin, …show more content…
The first table looked to be the women’s soccer team. There were ten of them sitting at a table that was made to fit about six people, therefore their elbows almost touched as they sat and ate. The table next to them was a group of four males who each sat with a chair in between them and their plates spread across the table. The table of females sat and chatted with one another. I could hear two different conversations occurring at the same time as they interrupted and talked over each other. At the male’s table, there was never more than one person talking at a time and the conversation was spoken with a calm, but powerful tone. As one of the females was walking back to her table, she stopped at the male’s table to ask one of them something. She stood about a foot away from the male and waited until he had finished what he was saying before she began to ask her question to him. This highlights the increased space men are given due to the greater power they have in society. When the female was at her table with her other female friends, they sat so close to one another they were practically touching. However, when she walked over to talk to the male, she left a large amount of space between them and waited until he was done speaking rather than interrupting him like she did to her friends. As the power individuals have increase, the amount of space they are given during interactions also increases. Furthermore, because society views males as being more elite and powerful in society, they are respected with more space during interactions to reflect their

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