Gender Orientation And Sexual Orientation Essay

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It is not a person’s biological sex, social gender roles, nor gender identity; for it is their sexual orientation that describe a person’s sexual identity, attraction, and experiences. A person’s romantic and emotional attraction to a member of the opposite sex, same sex, or both is ones sexual orientation. It is clear that nature and nurture play complex roles in determining ones sexual orientation there is still the issue whether it is a product of society or a product of biology. There is no scientific evidence to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor. A persons levels of same–sex and opposite-sex attraction combine to produce four major sexual orientations, heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and asexuality.
Hetero is Greek for “the other of two.” Heterosexuality is the most normal sexual orientation in human societies. People who experience this sexual orientation would have low same-sex attraction and high opposite-sex attraction. Most people in society, especially those who are religious would agree that heterosexuality is biological because without it, there would be no reproduction. False, you can have a different sexual orientation and still reproduce thanks to technological and scientific advances. Although heterosexuality is normal in all human societies, a significant amount of people experience homosexuality.
No longer considered a mental illness, homosexuality is not an inborn or biologically-determined…

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